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Imagine No More Hand, Wrist and Finger Pain

We use our hands, wrists and fingers every day, whether typing or opening a door. So, when they start to ache due to overuse or aging, we usually don’t think too much about it. However, there are hand, wrist and finger injuries and conditions that require treatment to heal properly.

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Causes & Symptoms of Hand, Wrist, or Finger Pain

There are many conditions that can cause pain in your hand, wrist or fingers including writer’s cramps, trigger finger, arthritis, De Quervain’s disease, repetitive motion syndrome, strain or sprain, fracture, or Carpal tunnel syndrome. We recommend visiting an orthopedic specialist if you have the following symptoms associated with your hand, wrist or finger pain:

  • You have recently suffered an injury
  • You are experiencing a burning, numbing or tingling sensation in your hand, wrist or fingers
  • You are noticing lumps or bumps on your hand, wrist or fingers
  • Your hands, wrist or fingers have turned red or pale
  • You are unable to move your hand, wrist or fingers

Why See an Essentia Health Orthopedic Specialist?

  • Essentia Health physicians have expert training to care for patients with hand pain.
  • Receive a personalized treatment plan for your hand pain with non-surgical or surgical options.
  • We use Musculoskeletal Ultrasound. This procedure uses sound waves to produce pictures of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints throughout the body to help diagnose sprains, tears and other soft tissue conditions without radiation. Ultrasound also increases accuracy for targeted injections and procedures.
  • Improve your quality of life and restore your independence, without finger or hand pain.
  • Experience convenient locations and quick diagnostics to get you back to your favorite activities sooner.

Helping You Return to a Pain-Free Life

If you are still experiencing pain in your hand, wrist or fingers after using RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) and ibuprofen, schedule a consultation with one of the orthopedic specialists at Essentia Health. You deserve to live an active life, free of pain. Our orthopedic specialists can perform a thorough physical examination to help determine the cause of your hand, wrist, or finger pain. Depending on your diagnosis, we may prescribe pain relievers or a brace. Our orthopedic specialists make it their goal to get you back to a pain-free life in no time. Schedule an appointment and get back to being you.

Our orthopedic specialists can efficiently diagnose and treat hand, wrist and finger pain in Minnesota and Wisconsin.