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Food Journal

Stay on Track with a Food Journal

Having trouble maintaining a healthy weight? Keeping track of the foods you consume can help you control or reduce your daily caloric intake. Coming up with personal weight and fitness goals is the first step. After you determine the amount of calories you want to eat every day, start a food journal and write down what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, make notes of any snacks you eat in between those meals.

Here are additional tips for maintaining your food journal:

  • Find a pattern in your eating habits by writing down the date, times and places you eat
  • Write down how you feel after eating or drinking certain foods
  • Compare your eating habits on weekdays versus the weekend

Download our printable food log for an easy way to keep track of your food consumption. You can also show your food diary to your doctor in order to get recommendations for how to modify your diet and meet your weight loss goals.

Essentia Health's Food Journal

Keep a record of your food and water consumption with our printable "Food Journal."