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Exercise Playlists

Amp Up Your Workouts with These Exercise Playlists

Are you having trouble focusing during your workouts? Turning on your favorite playlist and listening to music while you go for a long run, lift weights or work on core exercises can make you less aware of your exertion. When you choose a playlist that features upbeat songs, you can even increase your effort during your workout and achieve the results you want.

Listening to music provides the following benefits while you workout:

  • Certain songs trigger memories that get you in the zone
  • Exercising to a beat helps you use your energy more efficiently
  • Tunes can be a mood booster

Get started by checking out our recommended playlists that will add the fun back into your workouts.  

10 Exercise Playlists

No matter what medium you prefer to listen to music, get our top 10 exercise playlists to help you reach your fitness goals.